Brianna Denison Murder Victim

This is without a doubt  one of the most gripping and heart wrenching stories I have ever covered. It reads out like a New York  Times Best Seller True Crime Novel. There are so many twist and turns to this story that my head is still reeling from the impact that this story has had on me. One can only imagine in terror how Brianna’s last moments were played out.  It is important to learn from tragic stories such as Brianna’s. The more informed and aware women become the more power we have to avoid such horrific crimes such as rape and murder. This video library that I have included about the case is a bit lengthy but well worth the time to watch and listen as the events of this case unfold. Please share it with your loved ones and friends, especially ladies…..and take the time to talk about how to arm yourselves with enough knowledge and tools to prevent rape and even murder. Start carrying a weapon such as pepper spray or a gun with you if you already don’t, it could save your life and encourage your lady friends to do the same.

The victim, Brianna Denison will be greatly missed by family and friends, may she rest in peace, gone but never forgotten.

James Biela

Why would this man, James Biela want to rape and then murder Brianna Denison? We may never know……but one thing is for sure, there is a mountain of evidence that he is a Serial Rapist and DNA concludes that he Raped and Killed Brianna.

James Biela Found Guilty of Murdering Brianna Denison

James Biela found guilty of murdering Brianna Denison 5-27-2010
Channel 2 News Source:

Penalty phase proceedings are now underway after a Reno jury found James Biela guilty of murdering 19-year-old Brianna Denison in early 2008.

Jurors decided on five different counts:

GUILTY – Count 1 is sexual assault, from the October 2007 rape in the parking garage at the University of Nevada.

GUILTY – Count 2 is kidnapping – the woman taken from outside her apartment in December 2007.

GUILTY – Count 3 is the sexual assault against that woman which allegedly happened in Biela’s truck.

GUILTY – Count 4 is murder of Brianna Denison. It’s open murder, which means the jury decides if it’s first degree, second degree, or manslaughter.

GUILTY – Count 5 is sexual assault – against Brianna Denison.

The defense is asking for life without parole. “It will protect us. It will protect the community.”Prosecutor Chris Hicks stated, “this has been an emotional trial. It’s gonna get more emotional now.”

Personally I would like to see him get the death penalty, just my opinion…my thoughts are, I would want to eradicate the world from this kind of evil given the chance.

This may be some of the first clues that women can look for if they get that feeling that things just aren’t right with someone they are living with.

James Biela’s Murder Trial Evidence He Has Porn and Thong Fetish

In the next video there is testimony about an exchange between the accused James Biela and  John Latham after the discovery of Brianna Denison’s body. John is heard in his testimony asking James, “how he felt about her being found?” and his(James’) comment was, “The bitch probably had it coming.”

John went on to add after being asked if he reported this specific comment to police, “No I did not, he always had that sense of humor and a lot of guys have that kind of humor.”

Please help me out here…… this or is it not common for a guy to say this about a woman that turns up brutally murdered? Please leave your comments on this if it is the only comment you leave about this story…..I find it very disturbing that the witness would have the assumption that most guys would normally have this type of humor.

Detailed Testimony in the James Biela Murder/Rape Case of Brianna Denison

Again I cannot express how truly gruesome and disturbing this case is. The details in this next video may be disturbing and you are cautioned to view under advisement. Brianna’s last moment here on earth must have been the most terrifying and one can only hope that she had angels to watch over her and comfort her in her time of need.

Witness Testimony in James Biela Murder Trial – Bright Socks Only Thing Visible on Brianna’s Body

Carleen Harmon takes the stand in the trial against her ex-boyfriend and father of their 5 year old son. You will see that there are many victims of his crimes as this plays out.

Carleen Harmon and their son now have to deal with the fact that not only did James Biela rape several women but he now if found guilty of killing Brianna Denison could face the death penalty by lethal injection.

Again it causes one to pause and ask why?  Why would you throw away a relationship with a woman that by all purposed seems to have loved you and potentially ruin the life of your son? Why would a man that seemed to have it all throw it away…..

You are not a victim James Biela…..trying so hard to make his ex-girlfriend feel sorry for him by saying he wanted to commit suicide…..shame on you again. You will see this in one of the videos posted below.

The true victims here are Brianna Denison, the other two women you raped( and other’s that may have not come forward), and Carleen Harmon along with her son, not to mention all of the victims family’s and all those involved in this story.

Police Interrogation Tape Between Girlfriend Carleen Harmon and Accused Killer James Biela

One can feel the intense pain and conflict going on within Carleen Harmon voice and only imagine the turmoil of not wanting to believe that her boyfriend and father of their son James Biela could have actually killed Brianna Denison. I tear up every time I see and hear this video and pray that she and her son will recover from this some day.

More Gripping and Explicit Video of Ex-Girlfriend and James Biela in Police Interrogation Room Tape

The right thing to do, Carleen Harmon takes the stand against ex-boyfriend James Biela.

James Biela’s Ex-Girlfriend Carleen Harmon Testifies in Murder Case of Brianna Denison

James Biela Murder/Rape case of Brianna Denison also includes testimony from other rape victims.

James Biela Murder/Rape Case of Brianna Denison and Rape of Other Victims

Not only will  his victims have to recover from their rape attack by James Biela but now at least one of the victims is left with the life long effects of the STD Herpes, that she contracted as a result from James Biela and the rape .

Rape Victim #2 In James Biela Trial Testifies That She Contracted Herpes From Assult

Closing Arguments in James Biela Murder Trial of Brianna Denison

Public Reaction-James Biela is Guilty, DNA Proves It-Jury Still Out

When the verdict comes in I will post it as soon as times permits.

Now Up To Jury To Decide James Biela’s Fate in Murder of Brianna Denison

Brianna Denison Murder Victim

  1. Thank you. I made this for Caylee when her parents were doing nothing. If you have not seen it, hope you like it.

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