~Janice Pietropola~ 6-30-1973

~Lynn Seethaler~6-30-1973

~Beverly Christensen~6-23-1974

~Alice Eskew~9-4-1979

~Brenda Joi Bancroft~12-24-1979

~Barbara Jean Monaco~8-23-1978

~Judy Ann Sylvester~1-24-1977

~Marcia Estelle Remick~6-9-1979

~Joanne Zwingman~8-19-1983

~Christine Pilczak~8-19-1983

~Raffaella Bryant~7-16-1985

All of these young women murdered all the cases remain unsolved and some of their bodies are yet to be recovered. Is it the work of one individual serial killer or random acts of violence? The video below explains why some feel that DNA and more recent detective work may help to solve these cold cases.

  1. frigginloon says:

    Hi, just having a little visit from over at the Real Life Monster’s blog (psycho watcher). Frightening to think someone is walking amongst us who knows what happened to these women. I continue to sleep with one eye open.

    • TyneRose says:

      Thank you for the support. I believe that the more light that is shed on these cold cases the closer they can become to being solved. One less serial killer out on our streets and final answers for the victim’s families is what help’s me sleep at night. Your blog is awesome, I added it to my blog roll. Stop by anytime.
      Your friend,

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